Creative cooperation

Developing responsive and e-commerce sites for individuals and small businesses SOSAKU aims for client service and success.
Regardless if your goal is to build something simple or to build something awesome, SOSAKU can help.

Vision statement

We believe our purpose is to contribute to the visual world in a way that differentiates. We strive to create a perfect match between our customers and their target audience using bridges we build and deliver. We believe new technologies are supposed to be used as a means to simplify everything we do or create. We are constantly looking for inspiration that may lead to creativity and innovation. We guard simplicity, clarity and convenience throughout all our activities.

Mission statement

The mission of SOSAKU is to represent itself as a creative and result driven partner. In view of this mission, five priorities reflect the fundamental values of SOSAKU:
  • Aim for product excellence
  • Be creative and innovate
  • Strive to be the best in all we do
  • Be an effective, lean and fast-moving organization
  • Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun
( Sō·sa·ku - 創作 - noun - Creative, Creation )